Curiosity Takes Center Stage as Crowds Cheer in Times Square



It was a bit surreal to stand in the middle of Times Square and hear a throng of revelers chant “NASA! NASA!” as if the space agency had just won a gold medal in the Olympics. They were cheering the successful landing of Curiosity on Mars, a $2.5 billion endeavor that saw NASA’s most advanced rover yet enter the planet’s atmosphere at a blistering 13,200 miles per hour.

At 11:30pm EDT, when NASA started broadcasting coverage of the event, the crowd was thin and slightly underwhelmed. Many complained to me that the Toshiba Vision screen, dwarfed by a blinding Dunkin’ Donuts advertisement below it, was hard to see and that the only audio provided was through a smartphone app that seemed to be running a minute behind the visuals.

(MORE: Mars Curiosity Rover: Wheels Down on the Red Planet)

Several younger attendees seemed more excited about…

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By Arbi Sabi Syah Posted in Fiksi

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